Kristian Blummenfelt & Gustav Iden

One of Norway’s best junior runners and a competitive swimmer, Kristian and his team are obsessed with finding any performance advantage, whether that be through training or technology, and are always at the forefront of athletic development trends. See how he plans to use continuous glucose visibility with CGM to maximize his training and recovery.

Gustav has quickly made a name for himself on the international triathlon scene and in 2019 became the youngest Ironman 70.3 World Champion ever at just 23 years of age. The young Norwegian is now focused on the upcoming Olympic Games, and is using continuous glucose visibility with CGM to balance the performance demands of Ironman and the Olympics. "I almost came to a complete stop to make sure I replenished, because I knew how important those carbs were. I’d love to see my glucose chart if I’d kept going versus me stopping to get my fueling back on track." Gustav understands the importance of his nutrition strategy -- Supersapiens gives him the visibility and peace of mind that his plan is working or not, so he can take on the world's biggest stages with endless energy.

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